MP&I Strappings are the product of state of the art machines, manufactured by their group company viz Kolsite Group. This ensures flexibility in the production process which helps us customize the product so as to meet your specific requirements.

We specialize in the development, production and distribution of premium quality strapping made from PP and PET. Therefore, you can be certain that strapping from MP&I is ideally suited for your specific conditions of use. You name the industry and we have right solution for you. Whatever industry sector you operate in, whether in Corrugated Boxes, Print Media, Ceramic Industry, White Goods, Baling, Refractories, Coir, Fiber - POY& POS, Aluminium, Steel or Logistics, we have the right strapping solution for you.

Our Strapping is also available in any color including fluorescent (for PP only) colors.

Salient Features

  • Consistent, accurate and curvature free strap
  • Precision winding
  • Low maintenance and failure-free strapping
  • Reliable protection of your packaged goods
  • Economically and technically the best solution


  • Polypropylene Strapping (PP)

    It is suitable for Fully Auto Machines, Semi Auto Machines and Manual sealing applications.
    Available in any color.
    Also available with printing in any single color.

    Product Length per Coil (Meters) Strap dimensions (mm) Average Tensile Strength (Kgf)
    Width Thickness
    PP Strap Automatic 1000 – 8500 5 – 18 0.40 – 1.00 55 – 340
    PP Strap Semi Automatic 1000 – 4000 8 – 19 0.40 – 1.00 85 – 272
    PP Strap Manual 500 – 3000 9 – 32 0.40 – 1.00 70 – 330
  • Polyester Strapping (PET)

    It is suitable for sealing through fully automatic machines, pneumatic, battery tools and manual hand tools.
    Available in various colors - green, red, black, blue, yellow, copper, grey, orange, transparent and white.
    Also available with black color printing..

  • Specifications At a glance:
    Width 9mm ‐ 32mm
    Thickness 0.50mm ‐ 1.27mm
    Break strength 225kgf – 1,370kgf
    Elongation 10% ‐ 15%
    Colors Standard color Green. Also
    available in Black, Blue, Yellow,
    Red & other metallic colors.
  • Machinery

    Fully Automatic Strapping Machine
    Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

  • Tools

    Pneumatic tool for PET Straps
    Battery operated tools for PET Straps
    Electric cum battery operated tools for PET Straps

  • MAHASTRETCH Stretch Films

    It is suitable for wrapping through fully automatic machines and manual applications.
    Available in 300%, 250% stretch ratio